Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Google Chrome

If you've never heard of Google Chrome, it will change your perception of internet accessibility as you now know it. Well, at least I think it will be that earth-moving!
Google Chrome is a browser that has wonderful extensions which greatly increase the accessibility options for anyone looking to customize their internet experience or anyone who needs additional supports built into the web browser.  Here are the steps required to get Google Chrome set up on your computer:
1- Open a Google account.  Go to www.google.com, look at the options at the top of your window and select gmail. Follow the steps to create a gmail account.
2- In your current web browser, search Google Chrome.
3- Download the software by clicking on the red, green, and yellow icon on the right side of the window and follow the steps to download.
4- Once you have downloaded Google Chrome, you will see it appear as a 'neighbour' to Internet Explorer on the bottom menu.
There are several apps that you can browse and upload the suitable applications that fit your needs or those of your students.  You can explore and browse the apps here.

Please note: Google Chrome has a portable app that can be uploaded to a memory stick and used by students who require the accessibility options that Google Chrome offers.  This is an easy way to use the features that Google Chrome offers without downloading it onto a computer! This can be accessed through a download at the website: www.portableapps.com

Please see my next post for excellent accessible options for PC!

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