Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Readability and Evernote Clearly

If you are like me and would rather not be distracted by adds and irrelevant information while perusing a website, then Evernote Clearly and Readability are two options that will make gleaning information from websites a little more pleasant for the average individual and a whole lot more accessible for the student struggling with ADHD or reading difficulties.  These two applications are both available through Google Chrome- Readability is also offered as an app for the iPad.  These applications de-clutter websites and open the text you are actually interested in reading in a new, clearly formatted page, without the distractions.  The option of highlighting or printing the page is offered, allowing the student some flexibility with the newly created page.
Readability is offered as an app in the App Store, but it can also be accessed through the Google Chrome Store.  The iPad app provides directions on how to create a bookmark that automatically alters webpages that you are currently viewing into a more readable format.  This reminds me of pinning favourite webpages into your Pinterest account, in that there is a special bookmark to complete the task of 'pinning' a webpage. The Readability bookmark sweeps all the unnecessary content off the page.  Pinterest is a whole other post in itself.  If you don't have an account, you are missing out on a great resource.  Most evenings I end up browsing technology pins instead of reading Tolstoy. 'Tis the nature of a TILT.

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