Friday, 5 October 2012

Sensory apps

Finding a great deal on Apps Gone Free the other day prompted me to write a post about sensory apps.  I've got three on my iPad that can be used for different kids in a variety of situations.  White Noise HD,  by logicworks, is a great app for students with Sensory Processing Disorder, but can be used by anybody looking for a bit of background noise.  This app has 12 different background sounds to choose from including, campfire, sprinkler, forest dawn, and ocean waves.  This could be used with a student needing some extra sensory input or for a kid who needs some time to emotionally de-escalate.
Another app that promotes serenity is Pocket Pond HD by TriggerWave LLC.  It is marketed as an entertainment app, but the sights and sounds of this app lull the user into a relaxed state of mind.  The app has a screen filled with clean pond water and lush greenery.  The user takes care of the Koi fish in the pond by cleaning their water, feeding them and interacting with them. 
The Stardust app from Omerta is an interactive, allows the user to create and take photos of creations within the app, while the user enjoys a rather psychedelic instrumental accompaniment. This app, regularly $4.99 in the App Store recently appeared for free and was featured on Apps Gone Free.

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