Sunday, 13 January 2013

Accessibility on the iPad with iOS 6 software

Accessibility Features in the new iOS 6 Software

The accessibility features contained in the new iOS 6 software are located in:


Voice Over
Voice over is a handy narrator, reading everything that is selected on the screens and within an app.  When voice over is turned on, the gestures used to navigate through screens and open apps change. Single tapping any app on your screen will bring up a box around the selected app. To enter the application, double-click the desired app. Swipe three fingers across the screen to move between your app screens. With voice over, you have the option of connecting a Braille device, having your notifications spoken, as well as customizing how the device reads aloud to you.

Speak Selection
Turning on speak selection will enable individuals with reading difficulties to have text read to them.  When speak selection is turned on, an individual can highlight text to be read and select ‘speak’ to hear the text read.

Mono Audio
Allows the user to adjust right and left audio channels to meet the individual’s specific hearing needs.  A must for individuals with hearing impairments when listening to music, videos, or podcasts.

Zoom, Large Text, Invert Colours
Designed for individuals with vision impairments, the zoom, enlarged text, and inverted colour options provide options for individuals with seeing difficulties.  The user has the option of zooming in on what’s captured on the screen, enlarging the print, as well as inverting the colours to maximize the viewing of the screen.

Assistive Touch
The iOS 6 software offers the option of customizing the gestures employed by the user to navigate through screens and apps. If swiping through screens is not manageable, the user can program the device to respond to their own particular gestures.

Guided Access
Allows the user to set restrictions within apps. Turning on guided access will prompt the user to set a restrictions passcode and then create the parameters in which another user can operate. For example, when guided access is turned on, another user cannot exit the current application and that same user may not have access to particular parts of the application.  A triple-click by the initial user will bring up the passcode screen in which a four-digit code can be entered, allowing the user to end guided access.

Note: The iPad 3’s are capable of just a little more, having SIRI, the automated voice control option available with the current iPhone 4S devices.

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