Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Your Starting Point for iPad Apps

Since starting in September as TILT, I have had several requests for iPad 2 app lists from both classroom and resource teachers. Unfortunately, I've had little time over the past few months to create a comprehensive list.  I'm now at the point where I have created an effective information collection system through which reviews and info about a variety of apps is continuously fed to me in an efficient manner.  That is a whole post in itself, but I digress. Since returning from the break, I've started compiling a list of apps to suit a variety of student needs. The lists can be found in the link to my Google doc. It is a working document, so please frequently peruse them.  I'll be updating the lists as I make my way through the 2013 school year.  I hope there are at least a few apps on these lists that meet both your needs and the students with whom you are working.

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