Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Google Hangouts

I have just become enamoured with the collaborative possibilities of Google docs and Google Hangout.  I cannot rave more about the professional development possibilities that Google docs and hangout offers.  I am currently working collaboratively with two resource teachers in Winnipeg and one in Thompson to create a year/unit plan incorporating UDL principles using Google docs.  We are able to witness each other's revisions in real-time and are able to comment on things that need tweaking.  Just the other day, I participated in my first hangout with an administrator in the ISD to collaborate on a presentation that will be delivered to admin council tomorrow.  Google docs and hangout has allowed me to collaborate with professionals near and far to create amazing presentations and projects.  If you haven't heard of Google hangouts, please see this wonderful posting on the Edutopia blog. Or you can visit the hangout site for more information.

Update: I have created a Google doc that includes some links to further information about Google apps and a YouTube video that walks you through Google Hangout.  With this information, you can be well on your way to collaborating and communicating with your colleagues or teaching your students about some great tools for project work! Access the slides here.

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