Thursday, 30 May 2013

Best Speech and Language Blogs

Through my Facebook account, I subscribe to a wonderful website called Technology in Education.  My news feed is constantly bombarded by posts about new apps that have come up at a reduced cost, very applicable to my daily work.  As this month was Speech and Hearing Awareness Month, Tech in Ed. recently created a webpage dedicated to the best speech and language blogs.  As one of my major focuses this year was AAC, I was immediately drawn to the write-up about PrAACtical AAC, a blog maintained by Robin Parker and Carole Zangari, professors teaching courses in Speech and Language Pathology.  Their blog is a great resource for practical and supportive language development strategies for individuals with alternative and augmentative communication needs.  You can view a video of the week, read a strategy of the month, and find great suggestions for setting up an AAC program for students needing to use alternative means of communication.  Check out this wonderful blog here or follow Robin Parker on Twitter @parkerrobin.

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