Sunday, 22 September 2013

iOS 7

The Internet is abuzz with news of Apple's release of the iOS 7 software update for iPhone 4 or later, the iPad 2, and the iPad mini.  The update, released in the middle of last week, brings the intuitive nature of iDevices to a new level, making it possible for you to send and manage information effortlessly, particularly to your contacts who have iPhones or iPads, and access instant updates from your reminders and calendars. As the screens and app thumbnails will change, it may take time to adjust to the new vista on your device. The last iOS 6 update meant great additions in accessibility options, but I am hesitant to recommend jumping into this new update.  First, it is a major overhaul of the screens and settings accessibility.  It may be harder to find the tools and settings that were once second nature.  Because this is a major update, it requires a great deal of storage, which may cause you to have to sacrifice some of the apps on your device. Also, the battery life of iPhones have a shorter life span, according to some of my colleagues on Twitter.  For students that are used to navigating the iOS 6 software, it may be best to stick with the old software. I'm holding off for now, until the apps I treasure, such as Evernote, demand that I upgrade.

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