Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Extrinsic Motivation

In my usual perusal of educational blogs, I came across a new and interesting way for teachers to motivate students in their daily academics.  Class Badges is a means of giving your students feedback for their achievements through the awarding of badges. Historically, electronic gaming systems and online games have awarded badges for gaming prowess.  Class Badges works similarly in that you, as an educator, can create badges based on curricular topics you are teaching for your students to work towards. You can award badges to students once they've completed particular parts of a large assignment or project.  Students can track their progress through the assignment by seeing which badges they've earned in correspondence to each part of the assignment that they've submitted.  To sign up, simply 'request an invite' and you'll receive an email with the details for accessing your account. Once you've set up your class account, you can have students register using your classroom code.  Class Badges could very well end the need to purchase new stamps and stickers.class badges

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