Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Little Inspiration

At the Closing the Gap conference in October 2012, presenter Paul Hamilton showed us a collaborative storytelling website that can be used for creative writing in the classroom. StoryBird allows you to select from artwork that has been offered up by artists to the site creators. Users can select a theme and browse through collections of illustrated pictures.  The average collection will have multiple illustrations to allow a user to create a story around the set of pictures.  It is easy to click and drag pictures onto the page board and then add the inspired text.  Students can collaborate on storybooks together and then have it published in a private account.  Teachers also have the option of creating a class account, adding student accounts to the class account, and then assigning projects for the students to work on.  As an added bonus, books can be purchased for Android and iOS devices at a mere $1.99.  This, I assume, is how the artists are paid for their contributed work.  Published digital works can also be shared with others through email.  As there is such a great selection of artwork collections, it offers inspiration for students to work through the creative writing process. This could be a great option for a reluctant writer!

Please read Camelia Cat's Birthday Puddle Party-  a story I created one evening while exploring how this site works.

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