Monday, 15 April 2013

Applications of Applications

The majority of my year thus far has been focused on finding the 'right' applications.  Quality apps for the iPad that don't contain adds or in-app purchases and that offer high quality educational experiences for students of varying ability levels.  I'm moving on.  It's time to start looking at how to apply the applications that I've searched out (and some new and exciting ones) in the classroom and through the course of the school day.  To start my journey, I've uncovered an excellent resource maintained by clinicians in the United States who have worked hard to compile information into an invaluable wikispace.  Spedapps2 is a great source of information to figure out how to appropriately and effectively use many of the great apps that we've used in Student Services this year in ISD.  This is a great resource for RTs as well as classroom teachers with students using iPads in the classroom.  It is definitely worth spreading the word about this site, so please take a moment to forward this information to colleagues.

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