Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Literacy Instruction Conference

Last Wednesday and Thursday, I attended a conference hosted by the Westman Clinicians Association in Brandon, MB. The presenters, Caroline Musselwhite EdD, SLP, AT specialist and Gretchen Hanser PhD, OT, AT specialist, presented a variety of literacy instruction strategies to use with students with mild to significant disabilities.  Over the course of two days, participants learned the ins and outs of creating an effective and inclusive reading and writing program for students with a variety of needs and abilities. This conference was incredibly informative and provided valuable resources and strategies.  One of the most comprehensive resources presented was the Louisiana Department of Education's Students with Significant Disabilities site, containing articles, assessment checklists and matrixes, as well as webinars that demonstrate and explain effective, research-based strategies to use for literacy instruction and assessment.  You can find some great resources by visiting there site and perusing the available articles, links, and PDFs.

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