Sunday, 29 September 2013

Accessible Books

I'm always on the hunt for accessible books that can be used in the classroom with a variety of learners.  In one of my other posts, I spoke of the books contained at  This is one of the most extensive collections of accessible books on the internet. It is continually growing, with additions by individuals all over the world.  If you are using books on found on the tar heel reader website, please take note that if you are using the iPad to access these books, the new iOS7 update has not been very compatible with viewing and reading these books.  Holding off on the iOS7 download until some bugs are worked out with the Safari browser may just save you some headaches.
If you haven't already visited the Special Education Technology British Columbia website for a variety of resources, see You can download books for the IntelliTools Classroom Suite, Clicker, and BoardMaker software.  There are also a large number of PowerPoint books available to for listening and viewing purposes.
Another great resource for students and teachers to check out is This website contains videos of kids reading popular books.  It could be used to demonstrate how readers use expression and intonation in their voice to engage their audience.
The Winnipeg Public Library has a licence for Tumble Books, which are animated, narrated story books from popular authors such as Robert Munsch. Peruse the Tumble Books library here. The Tumble Books are meant for younger students, but there is a whole library of interactive content on the Tumble Books Jr., including videos, graphic novels, and chapter books. You can access the books for free through the library website.  Because I know that many of you are already wondering, "Is there an app for that?", I'll address that question. Yes, you can get the Tumble Books app in the App Store, but books much be purchased in sets through an in-app purchase.

Check out these accessible options for students in your classroom!

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